Another video of Jaebeom B-Boying surfaces?

maaf ya untuk news kali ini sengaja tidak di-ranslate karena newsnya akan lebih bagus kalo pake bahasa inggris x]

Another video of Jaebeom b-boying has recently surfaced the web. And although it is not as recent as the previous video of Jaebeom, this video was uploaded by one of the dancers himself.

Entitled ‘Hiep and famous guy vs Roc Reeguez ThomasOragami,’ this video was originally uploaded by one of the featured dancers Thomas Oragami until it got deleted. And by the title, it’s pretty apparent that this dancer knew he was with, let alone dancing against one of Korea’s top stars. Luckily for you (or maybe you’re not so happy), someone else has uploaded the video.

Although it is unclear if this competition was with his dance crew Art of Movement, some people are speculating that it was since he has supposedly been dancing with them. In addition to the clip, several fans have already seen the original video and have kept it a secret as they have been referring to Jaebeom as the ‘famous guy’ in their comments (I’d advise you to do the same, if you’re against the Korean media being on Jaebeom’s case).

Again, if you can’t tell which one Jaebeom is, he’s the first to dance. He even shows off his acrobatic skills he had learned for 2PM. And as you can see, he’s wearing a black bandana. Could the bandana be his tribute to Junsu? Or rather, is it an attempt to cover his face from eager netizens?

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