Bagi Rainbow, f(x) dan SNSD adalah rival terkuat?

Group yang baru saja debut lewat music core ini mengatakan bahwa f(x)dan SNSD adalah rival terkuat bagi mereka. Berikut beberapa statement yang mereka katakan :

Jae Kyung :
"kami akan bekerja keras agar bisa lebih baik dari f(x) dan SNSD suatu hari nanti"

seung Ah :
"untuk group yang juga baru debut, rival kami adalah f(x)...."

yoon Hye :
"rival terkuat kami adalah f(x), berhubung kami perform bersama sekarang ini, beberapa dari mereka masih sangat muda namun sangat powerful dan mereka juga cantik"

Ji sook :
"rival terkuat adalah SNSD, mereka dianggap sebagai girl grup yang mewakili korea..."

hyun young :
"aku ingin sepersti SNSD, menjadi sukses di dalam suatu grup dan membawa keunikan masing-masing anggota..."

*woaaaaaaaaaaaah f(x) dan SNSD emang paling famous ya di korea untuk sekarang ini*

translated + posted by : sorasarah from Indonesian Hallyuers
source : starnews, allkpop

berikut original article nya :

Jae Kyung

- How did you feel about your debut performance on Music Core?
"Music Core almost didn't air because of the baseball game that was being broadcasted live before the show. Thankfully the game ended in good time and we were able to perform. I was happy to perform on such a beautiful stage. I felt more excitement than nervousness because we finally got to go on stage after 4 years of preparations."

- What did you learn from becoming an artist?
"At first it just looked all glamorous, but in reality it was a continuous wait. So much time goes into sweating for preparations for the stage. You have to train really hard for the 3 minutes of fame."

- Your group trained for a longer period than Kara. Did you feel any jealousy?
"I wanted Kara to do well since we're a part of one family. I also wanted to get on stage just like them."

- There are a lot of girl groups out there. What makes Rainbow unique?
"Humanism. We put teamwork before anything else and our motto is 'Let’s be able to smile at one another even after a decade has passed'. Group members are stuck together 24/7 and troubles do arise, but we want to show ourselves as one. We made a vow that we will be as one on stage as well."

- Who do you view as your rival?
"We come across f(x) a lot in TV stations. We also look up to SNSD. We will work hard to become better than them one day."

- What changed for you after your debut?
"I like the fact that I get opportunities to be on stage. I dreamed of becoming an artist ever since I was in middle school because I loved being on stage so much. I love the fact that the fans sing along and I love the fact that this is my job."

- What is your goal?
"Being on top would be nice but my goal in life is to be happy. My goal as a singer is to have people feel better when they see us, as if they've spotted a real rainbow."

- Anything you want to do in the future?
"There are just so many things I want to try. Become a radio DJ, be in a rock band and appear on a variety show... I want to try everything I can.


- How did you feel about your debut performance?
"I couldn't even see anything because I was so nervous. But I smiled because if I said that I was nervous then other members might feel the same way. I'm happy because I spent the least amount of time as a trainee out of the group and I got to go on stage so quickly."

- Who do you view as your rival?
"4Minute has been frequenting stages lately, and they are very charismatic. I want to become as charismatic as them."

- What is your goal?
"I want our group to be constantly growing. I want us to continuously change so that we don't become old even after 5 or 10 years."

- What did you learn after you debuted?
"Some members trained for a long time but some didn't. That is why we worked even harder and prepared much longer. We still always made mistakes but on our debut stage nobody made a mistake and that felt very good."

- Anything you want to do in future?
"I always loved late night radio shows. I think I will be good at it. I'm also pretty bold and I think I'll do well in reality shows where they make you work your butt off."

Rainbow Seung Ah
Seung Ah

- How did you feel about debut performance?
"My parents couldn't believe it even on the day of the debut. I couldn't believe it either. I was really nervous but once on the stage it was enjoyable. I cried a river after it was over of course, because of the fact that I had a stage for myself. I prepared about 2 years for this; it was a happy day."

- Who do you view as your rival?
"For groups that debuted recently, f(x). In a bigger picture, Wonder Girls. We want to show our different rainbow shades overseas too and we plan on learning English and Japanese."

- What is your goal?
"I want to keep this teamwork mentality even when I'm doing my individual thing."

- What changed for you after debut?
"I love it when people tell me 'You finally debuted!' Before, I would just say soon, but now I'm proud to say that I did it. My dream initially was a musical performer, I'm happy that I can sing and dance in front of people."

- What do you want to do in future?
"I love being on stage, so I want to try a musical. Also, since I'm in a film program I want to be in a movie. Lastly, liquor ad, something that only the most beautiful girls get to do."

No Eul

- How did you feel about your debut performance?
"I've been preparing for this moment since 2005. This is my second group after SNSD and I wanted to do better. I still don't feel it though; I still feel as if I'm a trainee."

- Who do you view as your rival?
"2NE1. Their concept and style are completely different from ours but I think there are a lot of things to learn from them. They seem to enjoy the stage for real.

- What is your goal?
"We might have just started out but I want to get to the top and be the number one girl group."

- What do others think of your debut?
"My mom bought a lot of CDs, calling herself the promoter of Rainbow."

- What changed after your debut?
"When there were member changes during the preparation phase, I would be so nervous thinking that I might get kicked out. But then I made it to debut, so I felt really proud of myself."

- What do you want to do in future?
"A lot of things. I want to learn how to act, although I haven't started yet."

Rainbow Yoon Hye
Yoon Hye

- How did you feel about your debut performance?
"I still don't feel it yet. I heard most artists cry after their debut performance, but I didn't; my mind was just blank. When I reviewed our performance all I saw was room for improvement. We will get more opportunities in the future and we will prepare even harder for them."

- Who do you view as your rival?
"f(x), since we're performing together right now. Some of them are young but they're powerful on stage and also beautiful."

- What is your goal?
"People make a plan and set a goal when starting something - I want to always keep the beginner's attitude."

- What do others think about your debut?
"I gave my mom a CD and she loves it. I can't believe that I debuted and I think my parents can't either."

- What changed after you debuted?
"It is nice to show our performance to other people. Also, getting to dress in pretty clothes and having people put makeup on me is fun too."

- What do you want to do in future?
"I want to have a radio show titled after my name. I also want to try acting and pretty much anything."

Ji Sook

- How did you feel about your debut performance?
"We debuted later than we planned to. At first I was really excited and as time went by I had to get a hold of myself. Thanks to the delay I was able to perform in a more stable condition. Friends called me after they saw an article about me, and it felt good because they always asked me when I was going to debut and I had nothing to tell them. I felt a bit nervous because my parents were watching but I think I enjoyed it."

- Who do you view as your rival?
"SNSD. At first it was an odd name but after they became very famous it became a pronoun representing girl groups. Rainbow wants to get that status as well."

- What is your goal?
"7 members of Rainbow are all unique. We want to be a group that can communicate our individual uniqueness well, so that there would be a lot of fun selecting your favorite kind."

- What changed after you debuted?
"Now I have a job, I'm proud that I'm no longer unemployed. It is nice to make my parents happy too. They're proud of the fact that I was on TV and that is the way I feel as well. It is also fortunate that I can show others what I've been preparing all this time."

- What do you want to do in future?
"I want to be a regular member on a variety show or be a radio show host. I want to do radio because I love talking and it would be fun to tell stories of other people and communicate with fans through the radio."

Hyun Young

- How did you feel about your debut performance?
"I didn't feel it up to right before the performance. I was worried and it felt like I was dreaming. But when we were up on stage some people called out our names; the hard times passed by in my mind and I cried."

- Who do you view as your rival?
"I want to be like SNSD, be successful as a group and bring out the uniqueness of each member through individual projects. I don't think anyone here picked Kara as our rival because we're a part of one family."

- What is your goal?
"I want every age group to love us - basically national idol.

- What changed after debut?
"First and most importantly my parents are happy. Also there are fans, not a lot but I'm still happy that I have them. There are a lot of people my age who haven't decided what they want to do with their futures but I'm happy that I made my decision and already debuted in the industry."

- What do you want to do in future?
"Release a solo album. Make more money. I loved singing since I was little and although I love my group, I want to try music of my own as well. Ballad is nice, hip hop would be cool too."

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