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Before reading, FYI, the blue one is what Min Ho wrote, the black one is of the writer.

Author note:
Now I am having my Travel with Min Ho in hands. This is what I translate from Japanese into Chinese I’m sure that everyone wants to have it, loves it so much. We all want to know what Min Ho writes in Travel with Min Ho, rite. Now Let’s have a look

Part 1,page 4.

Hi everyone, I am Lee Min Ho. This morning, the sky seems to be more bright and blue than normal. Having a deep breath to fill my chest with all of fresh and clean air, I come to my computer.
It has been one year, the time that I have gone to many different places, gave all my heart and my mind to my character, my acting. And now I’m back as a normal, simple Lee Min Ho

Until now, I can’t believe that I have experienced so many changes and all of you fans suport me this much.

I’m really happy. There is no word other than “ Happy” to express my feeling. After the drama Boys over Flowers, many new work has come to me. That time, I both worked and missed all of you. I went to 2 different cities. I really want to tell all of you about my work, my daily life with the most truthful words in paper, like this!
I at that time needed fresh air and strange streets. If I could send that fresh air to all of you, could show you a free Min Ho in the streets, you would both rest and take pictures happily to keep that moment forever.
I really want to send my dearest thank to all of you from the bottom of my heart.Thanks to all of you that I can have this great happiness.
I will try my best, exert all my strength to bring more happiness to all of you.

Part 2 In Sydney

Travelling often make people have fantastic dream.

As for Min Ho, this trip to Sydney has a very special meaning. One year ago, to be more exactly, last autumn, he was stressful to tremble when first acting in Boys Over Flower. The days continue with lacking of sleep, continuos appearance on TV and “ Star” is what people began to call him.

A 22 year old Lee Min Ho became a big Star in such a short time.
After finishing his busy schedule, Min Ho decided quickly that he wanted to go on travelling. Travelling this time is neccessary, It can pull you out of the busy work and daily life.

Between Lee Min Ho a star and a normal guy, there is a different atmosphere, It may be due to this environment, situation.

Part 3 11.30 a.m,23.05.2009

The tiredness doesn’t seem to disappear. Maybe because Min Ho just had a long flight, had to get up earlier than normal and saw his images in strange streets.

Min Ho is easy to fall asleep and he also wants to have a good sleep but he can’t. maybe he is thinking about his work.
Alright, Lets go out, where to go now??
Now he is in the centre of the city and few minutes later, He is heading to the car parking lot.

Part 4 Red box

A very big red letter box. His eyebeam stopped at the letter box.

The camera with me now is also a gift from fan. I have many fans. My fans are gradually telling me the reason of my existence.
I really want to share with you my photos as well as my feelings that exist naturally and suddenly because I want to express my gratitude to all of you.
If only this box could send to all of you my letter of thanks. And this box is really big

(he changed the topic so fast. Lollzzz. Im so touched by his sincere and at the same time laugh out loud cuz of his cuteness)

Min Ho speaks not very fast with his warm voice. So I can feel his straightforwardness and sincere.

Although I’m not quite good at literature, I hope that all of you can understand and feel love for U.

Part 5 23.05.2009 10pm

How to act naturally as if there were no cameras, no one beside is very difficult especially when we need to make it like the sudden moment.
But not with Min Ho, he is now deep in his own world silently with his eyes focus on the map.

25.05.2009 10.30pm

The interiew nearly ends. Min Ho is sweating.Using body language to express is much more effective than using words.

Part 6 Me and Mum

"I resemble my mum, from the face to the tall figure. And one more important thing , we are always optimistic to face up with all the problems”

Someone once asked Min Ho How he felt when becoming a star only after one night. Min Ho already knew from the beginning that appearing on TV means he can not walk in the streets and meet his friends freely like usual.

At this moment, he has no tiredness or insecure to face the coming future.

When Min Ho was small and got his parent’s permission to play football, when he was in highschool and decided to pursue his career as an actor, and even when he failed to get chance to participate in the film, he never loses his faith or be too attached to the far away dream.
This is because he always thinks and lives positively. His mum and his family is always beside him with their bright smile to support him, help him to live well.

Part 7 Good Morning

It has been quite a long time that Min Ho has a free, plesant morning like this. He enjoyed his lunch happily.

"The weather is really nice. I’m always looking forward for the morning like this. I can do whatever I like. Even if I don’t do anything, I can still feel so free and happy in such a nice morning like this”

He plays like a small child. He can playf reely like he wants. He has the tall figure, the body of a matured guy but his face is just like a 7 year old boy ( It’s so true haha)

"After being famous, the thing that I regret most is that I can not relaxtatively go to my favourite places like I used to”

It is not a matter now. In this different country, time seems to go slowly and you can do whatever U like.

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