Wonder Girls perform Tell Me and So Hot in english

Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls opened up for former American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks today at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The girls spent their summer touring with the diva, so it comes as no surprise that the girls were given such an opportunity to perform and gain further exposure.

The girls were dressed in their Nobody outfits, but performed an English version of their past hits Tell Me and for the first time ever So Hot! The English lyrics for Tell Me did not sound complete yet; if you listen closely, you can still hear tidbits of Korean here and there. As for So Hot, will this track take over America as fervently as it did Korea? Ultimately, the girls must be happy performing something other than nobody for once! But I think we can all agree we're itching for something new from the girls, too!

Check out their performance and hear it for yourselves!

Hopefully the girls will release the English versions of Tell Me and So Hot soon so we won't have to rely on low quality fancams to tune in! Though the girls had just returned to the states a few days ago, Yubin and Sun updated their twitters stating they're headed back to Korea tonight!

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