SBS Inkigayo 07.02.2010

list performer dari SBS inkigayo hari ini :

Comeback stage

Min Kyung Hoon – Love Me Even Though I’m Hurt

U-Kiss – Round and Round

Take 7

2AM – Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die

SNSD – Oh!

C.N. Blue – I’m a Loner

Kim Jong Kook – It’s This Person

SeeYa, Davichi, & T-ara – Wonder Woman

Gavy NJ ft. MBLAQ Mir – Sunflower

Hot Music

Rainbow – Not Your Girl

ZE:A – Mazeltov

Fresh Music

After School – When I Fall

Untouchable ft. BEG Narsha – Living in the Heart

HybRefine – You Can Fly

YoonHwaJaeIn – Wings


Penampilan dance spesial oleh Sulli

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